Die Besten Rock Songs aller Zeiten !

Platz   Interpret   Titel 
Robert Plant   Stairway to heaven  
The Beatles   Yesterday  
Nirvana   Smells like teen Spirit 
Rolling Stones   Satisfaction  
Bruce Springsteen  Born To Run  
Freddie Mercury  Bohemian Rhapsody  
The Beatles   Hey Jude  
John Lennon   Imagine  
The Eagles   Hotel California  
10  Bruce Springsteen   Thunder Road  
11  The Beatles   Let It Be  
12  Bob Dylan   Like A Rollin' Stones  
13  Deep Purple   Child In Time  
14  Deep Purple  Smoke On The Water  
15  R.E.M.   Losing My Religion  
16  U2  With O Without You  
17  Eric Clapton   Layla  
18  Pearl Jam   Alive  
19  Rolling Stones   Sympathy For The Devil  
20  Oasis   Wonderwall  
21  Neil Young  Like A Hurrican  
22  Beach Boys   God Vibration  
23  Black Sabbath   Paranoid  
24  Guns`n Roses   Knocking On Heavens Door  
25  Dire Straits  Brothes in Arms  
26   The Who   My Generation  
27  Metallica   Nothing Else Matters  
28  The Doors  Light My Fire  
29  U2   One  
30  Verve   Bitter Sweet Symphony